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Product Offerings
       Obsolete Type
            Half Cents
                    1851 C-1, NGC MS-64BN
            Two Cent Pieces
                    1865 PCGS MS-64RB
            3-Cent Silver
                    1852 VF-20
            3-Cent Nickel
            Early Half Dimes
            Seated Half Dimes
                    1838 No Drapery EF-45
                    1851 EF-45
                    1853 Arrows, VF-20
                    1855 Arrows, EF-40
                    1856 EF-40
                    1857 EF-45
                    1862 ANACS AU-55
                    1871 NGC AU-58
            20c Pieces
            Large Cents
                    1828 N-6, Lg narrow date, VF-30
                    1845 VF-25
                    1848 EF-40
                    1849 AU Details, Light obv. porosity
                    1854 VF-30
            Flying/Indian Cents
                    1893 MS-63RB
                    1894 EF-40
            Lincoln Cents
                    1909 Lincoln, MS-63RB
                    1909 V.D.B. ANACS MS-64RB
                    1909 V.D.B. PCI MS-66RB
                    1914 AU-58
                    1914-S EF-40
                    1916-S EF-40
                    1919-S EF-45
                    1920-S ICG AU-55
                    1921-S VF-35
                    1922-D EF-40
                    1929-S MS-60
                    1930-D MS-60
                    1930-S MS-60
                    1935-D MS-60
                    1937 PCGS PR-65RD
                    1955-S NGC MS-66RD
                    1983 Unplated Zinc Error, PCGS MS-64
            Shield Nickels
                    1867 No Rays, PCGS AU-50
                    1869 AU-50
                    1870 EF-45
            Liberty V Nickels
                    1889 PCGS PR-66
                    1903 NGC MS-63
            Buffalo Nickels
                    1917-S NGC VF-30
                    1923-S VF-20 Obv. Die Cracks
                    1924-S F-15+
                    1926-D VF-20
                    1936-S PCGS MS-65
            Jefferson Nickels
                    1950-D NGC MS-66
            Early Dimes
                    1827 JR-11, G-6
            Seated Liberty 10c
                    1844 ANACS VG-8
                    1853 Arrows, EF-40
                    1854 Arrows, AU-55
                    1857-O AU-50
                    1890 AU-50
            Barber Dimes
                    1900-S EF-45
                    1902-O VF-35
                    1905-S AU-50, Cleaned
                    1906 MS-61
                    1906-S VF-30
                    1909 EF-45
                    1909-O VF-30
                    1914-D AU-50, Light Cleaning
            Mercury Dimes
                    1917-D VF-35
                    1921 VG-8
                    1921-D F-12
                    1921-D F-12
                    1924-S VG-10
                    1925-D VF-30
                    1926-S VF-30
                    1931-S AU-50
            Early Quarters
            Seated Liberty 25c
                    1876 PCGS PR-64
            Barber Quarters
                    1897 ICG AU-58
                    1899 F-12
                    1900 VF-30
                    1905 VF-30
                    1908 F-12
                    1909 EF-40
                    1912-S F-15
                    1913-S PCGS G-6
                    1915 EF-40
            Standing Liberty 25c
                    1924-S AU-50
                    1927-S ANACS VF-20
                    1930-S ICG MS-64
            Washington Quarters
                    1932-S F-12
                    1940-D PCGS MS-64
                    1942-D MS-65
                    1950-S MS-65
            Early Halves
                    1806 O.103, 6 over 5, VF-20
                    1807 O.112, 50 over 20, VF-25
                    1808 O.107 (R3), F-15
                    1808 O.108 (R3), F-15
                    1811 O.113 (R5-), Small 8, PCGS VF-25
                    1811 O-107.1 (R5), Small 8, VF-25
                    1813 O.104 (R4), F-15 (Cleaned)
                    1823 O.109 (R5), NGC G-6
                    1824 O.101, 4 over 1, VF-25 Toning!
                    1824 O.102 (R5+), 4 over 1, PCGS F-15
                    1824 O.103, over various dates, VF-25
                    1824 O.110, 4 over 4, VF-35
                    1824 O.111 (R3), NGC VF-35
                    1824 O.111 (R3), VF-30
                    1825 O.103 (R4-), VF-35
                    1825 O.105 (R3), EF-40
                    1825 O.109 (R4+), NGC EF-45
                    1825 O.110, VF-25
                    1826 O.103 (R5-), VF-30
                    1827 O.107 (R3), Sq base 2, EF-40
                    1827 O.111 (R4), Sq base 2, PCGS VF-30
                    1827 O.124a (R5), Sq base 2, PCGS F-12
                    1827 O.131, Sq base 2, VF-30
                    1827 O.133 (R4), Sq base 2, EF-45
                    1827 O.147 (R4-), Curl base 2, VF-30
                    1828 O.105 (R5), Curl base, no knob 2, VF-25
                    1828 O.119 (R3), Sq 2, sm 8's, sm ltrs, VF-20
                    1829 O.110 (R3), Lg letters, VF-20
                    1830 O.106 (R3), Small O, VF-35
                    1830 O.107, Small O, EF-40
                    1830 O.114 (R5), Lg letters, PCGS F details (Scratched)
                    1830 O.115, Small O, VF-30
                    1830 O.117, Small O, F-12
                    1831 O.103, VF-35
                    1831 O.111, EF-40
                    1831 O.115 (R4), EF-40
                    1832 O.101a, Large letters, VF-30
                    1832 O.114 (R4), EF-40
                    1832 O.117 (R4+), VF-25
                    1832 O.118, VF-30
                    1832 O.120a (R3), EF-40
                    1833 O.105, VF-30
                    1834 O.119 (R4), SDSL, VF-20
                    1835 O.103, AU-50 Details (Cleaned)
                    1835 O.107, VF-30
                    1836 O.106, Beaded border rev., EF-40
                    1836 O.108, 1836/1336, VF-35
                    1836 O.112, Bar Dot, VF-20
            Seated Liberty 50c
                    1840 Small letters, F-12
                    1842 Med date, lg letters, EF-45
                    1856-S VG-10
                    1857-O VF-30 (Cleaned)
                    1857-S WB-102, F-12
                    1861-O F-12
                    1861-S G-4
                    1868-S EF-40
                    1870-S VF-30
            Barber Halves
                    1895-O F-12
                    1899-O VG-8
                    1900-O F-12
                    1907-S F-12
                    1908-S VG-10
                    1909-S VF-20
                    1913-D F-12
                    1915 VG-10
            Walking Liberty 50c
                    1916-S G-4
                    1918 ANACS EF-40
                    1919 VF-20
                    1920 VF-25
                    1921 F-12
                    1921-S F-12
                    1937 NGC PR-65
                    1938 NGC PR-65
                    1938-D ANACS VF-30
                    1943 MS-63
                    1944-S MS-64
                    1945 MS-65
            Franklin Halves
                    1948-D PCGS MS-64 FBL
                    1952 ICG MS-65
                    1955 MS-63
                    1956 Ty2 PCGS PR-65
                    1959 PR-66
                    1962-D MS-64 FBL
       Silver Dollars
            Early Dollars
            Seated Liberty Dollars
            Trade Dollars
            Morgan Dollars
                    1878 7 over 8 tail feathers, NGC MS-63
                    1878-S MS-62
                    1878-S MS-64
                    1878-S NGC MS-64
                    1880-O Micro O, MS-62
                    1880-O Micro O, MS-62+
                    1882 MS-63PL
                    1884-O MS-63
                    1885-S AU-53
                    1885-S EF-40
                    1889 MS-65
                    1896 ANACS MS-65
                    1897-O EF-40
                    1898-O MS-65
                    1899 EF-40
                    1901 AU-50+
            Peace Dollars
                    1924 MS-64
                    1926 ICG MS-64
                    1928-S ICG MS-63
                    1934 MS-63
                    1934 NGC MS-64
                    1934-S VF-30
       Coin Supplies
                    Bauch & Lomb 5x Packette Magnifier
            Supersafe 2x2s
                    Box of 50 Self-Adhesive 2x2's
            Supersafe Flips
                    50 Pre-packaged SAFLIP 2x2
US Coin Info & Links
       Basic Info by Type
            1/2c Half Cents
                 Liberty Cap 1/2c (1793)
                 Liberty Cap 1/2c (1794-97)
                 Draped Bust 1/2c (1800-08)
                 Classic Head 1/2c (1809-36)
                 Braided Hair 1/2c (1840-57)
            01c Large Cents
                 Flowing Hair 1c (1793)
                 Liberty Cap 1c (1793-96)
                 Draped Bust 1c (1796-1807)
                 Classic Head 1c (1808-14)
                 Coronet 1c (1816-39)
                 Braided Hair 1c (1839-57)
            01c Small Cents
                 Flying Eagle 1c (1856-58)
                 Indian 1c (1859-1909)
                 Lincoln 1c (1909 to date)
            02c & 3c Pieces
                 Shield 2c (1864-73)
                 Silver 3c (1851-73)
                 Nickel 3c (1865-89)
            05c Nickels
                 Shield 5c (1866-83)
                 Liberty 5c (1883-1913)
                 Buffalo 5c (1913-38)
                 Jefferson 5c (1938 to date)
            1/2d Half Dimes
                 Flowing Hair H10c (1794-95)
                 Draped Bust H10c (1800-1805)
                 Capped Bust H10c (1800-1805)
                 Seated H10c (1837-73)
            10c Dimes
                 Draped Bust 10c (1796-1807)
                 Capped Bust 10c (1809-1837)
                 Seated 10c (1837-91)
                 Barber 10c (1892-1916)
                 Mercury 10c (1916-45)
                 Roosevelt 10c (1946-64)
            20c Pieces/Quarters
                 20c Pieces (1875-78)
                 Draped Bust 25c (1796-1807)
                 Capped Bust 25c (1815-38)
                 Seated 25c (1838-91)
                 Barber 25c (1892-1916)
                 Standing Liberty 25c (1916-30)
                 Washington 25c (1932-64)
            50c Halves
                 Flowing Hair 50c (1794-95)
                 Draped Bust 50c (1796-1807)
                 Capped Bust 50c (1807-39)
                 Seated 50c (1839-91)
                 Barber 50c (1892-1915)
                 Walking Liberty 50c (1916-47)
                 Franklin 50c (1948-63)
            S$1 Silver Dollars
                 Flowing Hair S$1 (1794-95)
                 Draped Bust S$1 (1795-1804)
                 Seated S$1 (1840-73)
                 Trade S$1 (1873-85)
                 Morgan S$1 (1878-1921)
                 Peace S$1 (1921-35)

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